ensuring your employees have the coverage they need

*Medical Coverage

*Dental Coverage

*Vision Coverage  

*Short Term Disability

*Long Term Disability  

*Life Insurance




*Voluntary Supplemental Insurance 

​(Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity Policies)

"What matters to you, matters to us."
                                                      ~ S. St-Phard

from one client:

We are ready to partner with you, in order to bring the most comprehensive and affordable, benefits offerings to your employees. ​

"We have a company of 150 employees. Sam came in and explained to us not only the products that would benefit our employees, but also the 7.25% reduction we would receive on the matching payroll tax for the policies that our employees would participate in. Sam and his team sat down, individually, with each employee and educated them on their options. At the end of that week 120 employees signed up, and we added $8,700.00 directly to our bottom line in five days."

~ Jane H.

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